Medical grade cannabis

Why us?

Closer to the sun

The Farm is one of the highest in Israel, so the plants are exposed to more sunlight and develop larger flowers, with more active ingredients.

Crystal clear Mountain air

The location of the farm, 710 meters above sea level in the Golan Heights, is far from air pollution sources. It has the cleanest air in the country, thus having a positive effect on the quality of the plant.

Agro high-tech

The farm is equipped with advanced agricultural technologies aimed to create a revolution in the quality of medical cannabis in Israel.

The clearest water

The cannabis plants at Plantis Farm are irrigated with water from the springs of the Golan Heights, the same water that is sold by the mineral water companies – the clearest water in Israel.


Plantis, a medical cannabis company, was established in Israel in 2020,
with the aim of improving, enhancing, and refining the treatment
options with medical cannabis, in order to help as many patients as
possible and to spread the vision of cannabis treatment and the options
inherent in it.
Plantis holds licenses to operate in the field of medical cannabis in Israel
under the Israeli standard IMC-G.A.P and under the international
standard for growing cannabis G.A.C.P.
Plantis Farm breeding, flowering, cultivation R&D, and offices are in an
integrated complex in Moshav Keshet at an altitude of 710 meters above
sea level, in an optimal area for growing medical cannabis,
Plantis Agro is one of the most advanced agro-tech farms in Israel,
designed to improve the quality of medical cannabis in Israel and around
the world. The location of the farm was carefully chosen to grow
cannabis in the most natural and best environment:

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